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Looking for Love, Love and Romance Tours to Russia and the Ukraine coming soon!


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Looking For Love

Looking for Love and Romance Tours to Russia and the Ukraine coming soon!

Escorted "Looking for Love and Romance Tours" to Russia and the Ukraine coming soon and open to single American men who are "looking for love."

Marina - a very pretty Russian lady who grew up in Moscow - and knows the people, culture and knowing/understanding the women there who are also "looking for love" - is now happily married (> 7 years) to her happily married husband, and they are now raising a family in Texas.  He too, went to Russia on a love and romance tour, as he too, was like the majority of American men and in a miserable marriage to a typical "American woman."  You know the type, selfish, self-centered and now he has been very happy with his choice in a life partner. That's because women from Europe value their husbands and families more than American women. Yes, there are some exceptions, we are speaking in generalities here and don't want any of the nasty emails from those nasty-types (you know who you are!) or from other American women complaining to us, because, American woman:

#1 - This is NOT ABOUT YOU!

#2 - This is about and for American MEN who have "had it" with American women.

#3 - Why are there far fewer divorces in Russia and the Ukraine - like 80% fewer divorces there than the USA?  Maybe the women there ARE better, particularly as most Russian & Ukrainian men are drunks and incomes are meager for those men that are fortunate to have jobs.  

American men sick of selfish American women, wanting true love and real romance, with BEAUTIFUL European women that know how to love and treat their husbands well..... and want to go with us, keep watching our site for the first "Looking for Love and Romance Tour." 

The questions that we are getting the most have been;

1. How many Russian/Ukrainian women will I meet?  

Our first Looking for Love and Romance Tour is planned to be 12 days with 5 days in Moscow, 3 days in St. Petersburg, 2 days in Odessa and 2 days in Kharkov, Ukraine.  Our first day there, due to jet lag, will be needed for rest and recovery, as well as a very important orientation meeting dinner there on our first night's "evening social" eventwhich will also include the first group of ladies that will be introduced to our guests.  On average, there will be at least 5 ladies/gentleman guest, to as many as 10 or more ladies/gentleman guest.  Before meeting the ladies on the first night, there will be an important orientation meeting will be about our guest's safety, security, what to expect, and Marina will be providing an introduction into the cultural differences, and how the women there are not just better, but what makes them better, what they are looking for in their life-mate/possible husband.  We expect some of our Looking for Love and Romance Tour guests will "fall in love" with at least one lady they meet and maybe not even want to return to the USA. Again, this is where Marina will provide guidance and suggestions after our tour is over, and to help those who may be trying to get to the wedding chapel too quickly - just like some American women are "bad actors," Russia and the Ukraine also has women that are not going to be the ideal person to be our guest's wife.

2.  Why are the "socials" held in the evening?

Like most people, the ladies we will be introducing you to will be at work or in school during the daytime. Except on the weekend, they are only available in the evening.  During the daytime, we have special events and sight-seeing tours planned for our guests where you will be able to see some of the city's most interesting sites. 

3.  How many Looking for Love and Romance tours have you led to Russia and Ukraine? 

Our new company has led ZERO tours, however, Marina has led 7 overseas trips for American men seeking to meet beautiful Russian or Ukrainian ladies, and possible their life-mate.

4.  How much will this cost? 

This too is presently being planned and researched. This will not be an inexpensive proposition as we will be staying in up-scale hotels on the "better side" of the towns we will be staying in, with our guests safety and security as our job #1.  Recent experience in comfortable - not luxurious hotels, will be running around $7,500 - $9,500 for the 11-12 days. Pricing varies depending on time of year. This price includes travel, hotel, all evening socials, translation services and our guests meeting anywhere from 5 to 10 ladies at each evening social. Yes, we are a little more expensive than some of our competitors, but we won't be staying in hotels where they would stay, or meeting the ladies they would bring to their evening events, or traveling in the "back" of the airliner we fly on.

Our guests should think of their Looking for Love and Romance Tour as a "vacation plus."  You will probably be taking 2 weeks off of work to go on your Looking for Love and Romance Tour, and the difference between a vacation and a "vacation plus" being that you just might find the lady of your dreams on this vacation!

5.  What if I don't meet Miss Right, are there any refunds?  

No, like a vacation, we cannot make any refunds should it rain every day on your vacation, or if you do not meet "the one."

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